•The HI-RG59/20 is a pre-made 20 Mt, Integrated with DC Power Cable for CCTV Video Cameras with BNC Connectors.
•BNC RG59 coax cable that can be used with CCTV cameras and HD security cameras (HD-SDI cameras, AHD cameras, HD-TVI, and HD-CVI.
•This BNC RG59 cable is a plug and play cable for security cameras because it is so simple to use.
•The HI-RG59/20 will work with any analog CCTV camera or hard wired HD security camera that uses a BNC video connector and power plug.
•HD-SDI cameras and AHD cameras must use this cable, standard CCTV cables will not work. For cameras that do not use a power plug and instead use a positive and negative terminal block or if you are using a power supply box instead of a individual power supply.