1- What are Television Lines?

Television Lines (TVL) is a specification used for analogue CCTV Cameras.The amount of TVL produced will determine the quality produced. 

The TVL is one of the most important resolution measures in choosing a video system & the higher the number the better the image.

2- What are OSD, WDR, HLC?

*OSD: On-Screen Display. It is a menu showing all functions on the screen.

*WDR: Wide Dynamic Range. When the camera faces the strong light area, WDR can make those very dark areas lighter and make those very 

light areas clear.

*HLC: High Light Compensation.

3- What is Infrared Night Vision?

Infrared (IR) Night vision allows your CCTV Camera to see in the dark. This is achieved by using the camera’s built-in IR LED’s. 

The Infrared light provides the illumination required to capture the images in total darkness or low-light conditions. 

4- What does 'weather resistant' mean?

Weather resistant or weather proof cameras can be used outdoors. We recommend these are shielded from direct sunlight, rain and wind. 

Camera’s power supplies must NEVER be left exposed. 

5- What is the difference between Bullet, dome and PTZ cameras?

 *Bullet cameras are designed to be aimed at a fixed specific location, such as a door, driveway, room, office,  etc. 

Many fixed bullet cameras are suitable for indoor & outdoor use.

 *Dome cameras are designed for ceiling and mainly indoor use.

*Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) Cameras are motorised cameras that can be moved via DVR or mobile phone app. They aren’t limited to monitoring

at the area they were pointing at. Instead they can be moved around full 360 degrees, tilt up and down and zoom in and out and help provide

maximum coverage.

6- Can I view on my Smartphone, Tablet or PC?

 DVR and selected individual cameras have the ability to view and monitor from selected smart phone & tablet devices. 

This is accessible from the HICAM Pro Viewing App on Apple or Google play store.